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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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vicious attack inside the gruesome stabbing of a baby girl. the new clues we're uncovering about her mother and what was going through her mind. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> derek valcourt explains how a hero kept the tragedy from becoming worse. >> reporter: it was during a supervised visit at the social services office tuesday morning that thomas complained about her daughter's care and felt like she could do a better job.
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as the social workers office said it was almost over, she said it is about to be over. she pulled a kitchen knife and did the unthinkable. >> she stabbed her infant daughter several times on her body and face. we don't really know why. >> reporter: the social worker left screaming. witnesses told police they heard thomas saying lock me up, if i can't have her no one will. and later, i hope my baby is dead. other social workers grabbed the girl and rushed her for medical attention. miraculously she is expected to survive. meantime social service officials promise a full investigation into how thomas was able to get the knife past security and metal detectors. union representatives for the social service workers say the incident is a prime example of a security break down. >> there are concerns about some of the clients that come
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in distraught and upset and there needs to be some remedy to that. there needs to be stricter security measures and they need to stop using the third party security firms that obviously aren't doing the job. >> reporter: as for thomas she's facing a slew of charges including murder. she's been held in jail. derek valcourt, wjz news. >> and we checked and the baby is in stable condition at john hopkins hospital. a brutal fight goes viral. now police say they have caught all the alleged attackers. police arrested -- today. all four suspects have been arrested. the baltimore county there's an intense man hunt after a brazen shooting at a barber shop. police say two men stormed into the shop on south marlins avenue in essexx. then they shot a worker in broad daylight. he's expected to survive. police searched the neighborhood but both suspects
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escaped. a police officer on a mission to find his missing daughter is accused of crossing the line. tonight we're learning more about the officers troubled past. megan macorckel has more on the officers past. >> reporter: a 911 call from this apartment building sparked an internal investigation of a top baltimore cop. detective daniel mickelson now suspended accused of flashing his badge while off duty to conduct an unauthorized search at the st. clair gate pardon me. he was looking for his teenage daughter mariah who authorities say ran away after a fight with his father. the teen disappeared on friday without any money or her cell phone. monday she contacted baltimore county police, the agency handling the case. >> on monday she turned herself into baltimore county police.
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we interviewed her and turned the case over to social services. >> reporter: an internal investigation now under way to determine whether mickelson acted inappropriately. >> the public needs to know that if an officer acts outside the law we're going to take it seriously and act on it. >> reporter: detective nickelson was charged with whipping her daughter after finding her facebook page. >> the case involved a charge where he hit her with an electrical card. >> reporter: charges were drop when the family agreed to counseling. the state's attorney calls the case an issue of discipline that may have stepped out of bounds but says we are reevaluating the entire case. and tonight the flp voiced its support for detective nickelson saying the union stands behind
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him. >> all right thank you very much. the detective made headlines as the lead investigator in a missing teenager's case. -- he wants to drop the charger against avi and aluahi. the brothers are charged with assaulting him. they claimed self-defense. the judge refused to dismiss the case and the trial will continue tomorrow. city commuters need no reminding construction is about to begin on the jfx but now there's word that the closures could be more extensive and expensive. initially the city thought the cost for emergency repairs would run about $1 million. now the price has doubled and it could go up again. add to that it is not clear when work will begin or when it will be finished. a scare in the air for the
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second time in less than a week a passenger plane makes an emergency landing after hitting a flock of birds. >> all right clear for take off. >> reporter: the flight heading to palm beach was only seconds after take off when it had to return after hitting the a flock of birds. >> proceed on run way one, six. >> reporter: the crew and all passengers boarded another plane and took off an hour later. >> it could have been worse. if that thing went into the engine. it's an inconvenience but in comparison to what it could have been, we're good. >> reporter: bird strikes can be much worse. captain sullenberger flew his plane into the water.
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the birds took off both engines on take off. this emergency landing is the second one in the new york area in less than a week. last thursday a passenger aboard a los angeles board flight captured this video of a flock of at least seven birds. just before they crashed into that plane's engine. which forced the plane to return to jfk international airport. on average there are 10,000 bird strikes every year. the air you are breathing is some of the dirtiest in the country. the baltimore area is one of the worse for pollution and smog in the air. that's according to a new report released today by the american lung association. the report ranks cities based on smog and the number of days when the ozone pollution is dangerously high. and from the air to the water, take a look at the problem growing in the inner harbor. an algea bloom is turning the water brown. it happens every year around this time in the chesapeake bay. heavy rain washed fertilizer into the water.
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the algea can kill fish because it sucks the oxygen out of the water. the o's are getting ready to honor some of their best. >> reporter: these statutes represent former orioles who were some of the best in the game. now the team and their fans get to see them in a whole new way. it's a place that will immortalize the greats of baseball. the orioles honor its six hall of fame players with a bronze statute of each. >> this is the right time to do it. i think that will bring more fans to baltimore and see that we really take care of our players. >> reporter: the orioles commissioned sculptor teddy mendez to sculpt the memorials. robinson's imagine will be unveiled first. >> it's very important that it's really faithful and honors
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the person in the proper way. >> reporter: after frank robinson's frank robinson. it took tobby mendez nearly a year and a half to complete all of the bronze structures and he got input from every oár -- oriole hall of famer. >> i think it's very respectful. >> reporter: you think they should honor them. >> yes, why shouldn't they honor them. >> reporter: the bronze sculptures are 8 feet tall. >> mendez has also created a sculpture of nolan ryan. workers created this car from dangling into a ditch. >> when you put everything on facebook you have to realize
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that there's a consequence for all of your actions. giving her a dose of her own evidence. the unique way a mother punished her daughter on facebook. >> april showers headed our way. we'll have the complete forecast right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's partly cloudy at 59 degrees. the complete forewarning weather forecast is coming up. a shop in new york gets an unexpected delivery when an suv crashes through the forefront. two employees were able to walk away. the driver told them she mistook the gas pedal for the break. a roll over accident leaves an suv dangling off the highway in san diego. five people were inside the vehicle when it went over the guardrail. police say one person died and the other four were taken to the hospital. they believe the car lost control as it was trying to change lanes. now british police believe mccann could still be alive five years after she vanished. they released this imagine of what the young girl would look like today as a 9-year-old. she went missing while on
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vacation with her parents in portugal. portuguese police closed their case in 2008 but scottland yards decided to open an investigative review last year and says 200 now leads have been identified since then. police are looking for a 6- year-old girl. today the parents of isabel celis spoke for the first time. police found a broken window screen by the girl's bedroom. isabel's parents believe she was abducted by a stranger and today they made a direct plea. >> for the person or persons who have isabel, tell us your demands. tell us what you want. we will do anything for her. >> reporter: police say they are scaling back the number of officers on the case. but they've not abandoned the search. at one point more than 200 agents were looking for the girl. a bitter divorce takes
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place in public. between dion sanders and his wife. >> reporter: the estranged wife of dion sanders is released from a dallas area jail. she provided a report that dion tweeted she and a friend jumped him in front of his home. >> i am innocent. i understand that i have very little chance at beating a hall of fame, two sport manage that everyone seems to love and adore. >> reporter: police haven't commented on the incident which led to pilar's arrest. now sanders is facing a misdemeanor charge as well. >> i'm a full time mom, 100% for my children. and i haven't been given a fair shake. >> reporter: dion sanders who
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played for the ravens in 2004 and 2005 isn't talking publicly. but his estranged wife believes her side of the story needs to be told. >> i will never give up fighting for my children and their protection. never. >> i sincerely believe that the story that was put out by mr. sanders is not the truth. we have witnesses and other evidence that contradicts what he said and that truth will come out in court. >> kai jackson. pilar's attorney claims his client suffered a broken thumb and broken lip while dion has sustained he suffered no injuries in monday's injury. a mother uses social media to punish her son. she commented on the girl's facebook page and placed an x over her picture. the girl was forced to reply, because i deserve it.
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sanders says as long as the girl behaves she will be able to use her cell phone and facebook page if she behaves in about a week. 163 furry faces were cut and styled to perfection or somebody's sense of perfection. as you can see there were no limits on the creativity of these gentlemen. the tournament had 18 different categories. one of the second category was heard lamenting he lost by a whisker. >> sort of like the guys from the wizard of oz. >> probably takes them longer to do that than to shave. and we have rain developing to our west. a lot of it over virginia, west virginia, kentucky area. most of that looks like is going to past just to our south but the stuff near pittsburgh and cumberland, some of that is not reaching the ground. we'll see showers probably by morning. and maybe even a thundershower
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in the afternoon. right now we're at 51 degrees with a dewpoint up a little bit. humidity up to what it was early but no wind at all. the barometer just holding steady 2.998-inches. 60 in oakland, 55 down in ocean city. cool spot right now still clear sky, 49 up in elkton. locally upper 40s in a few locations. close to mid- and upper 50s everywhere else. 69degrees today. 1 degree below normal which is 68. 38 this morning, clear and chilly. the record 94 degrees 1960. a few years before that 1956 the record 36. we'll bring in atlantic moisture which means the humidity will come up.
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humidity is developing north. texas 102 degrees. warm air over this cool air. and because of that showers developing to our west- southwest. but they're kind of moving in a general direction. not going to rain all day tomorrow, we expect some rain in the morning maybe in the afternoon some warmer air. maybe a little sunshine can come through. may see a shower or thundershower in the afternoon. the good news is, looks like friday this will get out of here and looks like fog, looks like a pretty nice day. however by the weekend the same thunder is going to clear us up on sunday. comes back and more showers expected late saturday into early sunday. although chances of getting rain in the next five days. 10 to 15 in the bay temp. around 57. tonight maybe a little rain by dawn, 48 and the morning drive could be wet. perhaps a pop up shower. 68 until the afternoon. next five days cooler and drier and breezy by friday. 64 down to 42. 58 on saturday. probably some rain late in the
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day and the chance of rain, the morning on sunday and clearing out, 64 here on monday. >> thank you, bob. check in with don scott and marty bass tomorrow morning starting at 4:55 a.m. for the updated forecast. it's the battle of the birds at camden yards. the orioles go for two in a row with the blue jays. we'll have highlights next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i don't know things keep looking really good. mark is here with our fan sports report. >> tonight a number of good player hoping for new and better results for sure. orioles looking to change their losing ways. that has come with struggles against the blue jays. the orioles did win in canada and beat toronto here last
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night. another good one. hethrow seven shut out innings. power at the plate, betamie gets the scoring started. he drives to center. that's getting out for a solo home run. chris davis also homered and the o's win their third in a row. they shut out toronto 3-0. they will go for the sweep of the jays tomorrow night. it is count down to the click off of the nfl draft. round one in prime time tomorrow night. plenty of quality college talent available for the ravens. among the possibilities donte hightower of alabama. wisconsin offensive lineman, peter kahns is another possibility. >> some have to go in the play because we have to fulfill him but we still and have said this
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for 16 years we will not take knee over a real good player. >> lots of real good players at the roof of a hotel in new york. play off hockey, boston game seven of the series every game decided by one goal. for the fourth time in the series overtime thanks to braden holtey. 31 saves. tied in overtime here's the cap on the attack and the rebound. that knocks out boston the defending champ is a 2-1 capitals victory. thrilling finish in local
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lacrosse. the women of umc. umbc the retrievers rally. and hang on for their first win over hopkins in 13 years. i'll be out in owins mills for the ravens draft tomorrow evening. >> thank you, mark. coming up talk about the ultimate wing man. >> how this goose became one this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. (laughter) hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. (huge laughter erupts) hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. geico®. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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whether you love golf or art or both. a museum, a seven hole miniature golf course is the new exhibit at the art center. the local architects designed the holes to be playable and visually interesting. so now husbands from all over the area can enjoy going to the
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gallery this weekend. charles greer says everywhere he goes so does this goose. the animal has been living on his farm for years but started this behavior after losing its mate. i guess he's the new substitute. the silly goose tries to mimick his
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